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Updates Last:2023/09/29
We did a full tune-up of a Rotel RB880, a power amplifier from the 80s. The customer was very pleased with the way the old amp was reborn.
* Whether you have a tube amp or an old amp, we can help you!
Dr. Degawa has developed a new circuit technology to overcome the shortcomings of the choke power supply in tube amplifiers. The second generation power supply and new circuit technology will greatly improve the sound of tube amplifiers, reproducing a high-speed, smooth, and pleasant sound.
Although any amplifier can be made to sound reverberant and smooth by implementing Degawa Power Modules, an amplifier with a carefully constructed amplification stage will sound more desirable. It is difficult to express the depth of sound with modern one-chip audio devices. It is the owner's feeling that older amplifiers sound smoother and have more depth. I think this is because the amplification stage, which consists of vacuum tubes, transistors, MOSFETs, and other components, is built to provide sufficient current to the amplification stage. If you have an old amplifier, please consider installing Degawa Power Modules. The sound will change drastically. There is no doubt that the sound will be soothing.

*We have re-compiled our customer evaluations into tuning content units.
(Evaluations from Customer )
*Current Compensating Elements for AC Adapter(FIX CURRENT+CPMsp)is now on sale. 48V and other special orders are available.
* Why Conventional Power Supplies Are Not Suitable for Audio ApplicationsDocumentUpdated
* We also accept equipment entrusted to Degawa Power Tuning for conversion to a Zen Transformer (Kani Trans).
CellExertModule We have added the CE-21003HV2 for rally cars to our monitor sales. It can also be used for general vehicles.
Prices shown include consumption tax in Japan, except for some items. Consumption tax is not charged when shipping overseas. Overseas customers will be quoted at amounts exclusive of consumption tax.
We will undertake tuning, but if you can solder, please try tuning by yourself. If you contact us, we will do our best to advise you on the selection of the most suitable elements and installation method.

Degawa Power Modules
The second generation power supply is a rectifier circuit originally developed by Dr. Degawa. One of the inherent drawbacks of diodes is that there is a time delay when the flow switches from reverse to forward direction. The Schottky barrier diode (SBD) was designed to minimize this time delay, and its effectiveness is well known, but even using an SBD does not eliminate the fundamental zero current time that comes from the mechanism. The second generation power supply proposed by Dr. Degawa is a circuit that eliminates the zero current time to the utmost limit by actively injecting current from another circuit during this zero current time(Patented).
Please refer to Noise By Rectifire Circuit
Simply replacing this Module with a rectifier circuit in the power supply of a CD, DVD, or SACD player will result in a denser and smoother sound field.

The second generation power supply system basically consists of a Degawa rectifier and two filters, CPM and LCM.
The CPM is placed in parallel with the capacitors and the LCM is placed in series with the power line.
Degawa Modules
Degawa Modules (rectifiler) CPM filters
CPM Module (filter)

MNR power supply filter has been greatly enhanced.
With switching power supplies flooding homes today, the audio power supply environment is very dirty and subject to high-frequency noise.
The MNR-1202 and MNR1201+0604 convert these noises into heat using technology that utilizes ultra-strong magnets and electric stones to cleanly cut high-frequency noise components. Conventional noise filters and isolation transformers tend to spoil the power of sound, but this is not the case with MNR, allowing for the reproduction of a lush sound field.

Putting this into the power supply of an audio device driven by a "switching power supply" will not improve the sound of that device. Please use MNR to supply power to audio equipment using normal power supplies (including degauss power supplies).
MNR-1202(through-beam type) MNR-1201+0604
MNR1201+0604 (with 4taps)

Ladder Cabels
The ladder cable is a cable with a structure developed and patented by Marucho Engineering(Japan). Focusing on the effects of insulation in conventional audio cables, we have reduced to the utmost limit the coloration and adverse effects on sound quality caused by insulation-induced distortion, which is inherent in cables with sheathed insulation. In conventional cables covered with insulation material, there is always a negative effect on the signal (incidental sound) called dielectric distortion between the strands and the insulation coating. The reason why the sound changes when the insulation material is changed or the core wire material is changed is due to the fact that this dielectric distortion produces various colors. When this incidental sound is present, the sound from the amplifier will be degenerated by the time it reaches the loudspeaker, giving it a cloudy or fuzzy feeling as if you are listening to the sound inside a clay pipe, or a violin may sound harsh to the ear. This phenomenon has occurred with all audio cables to date. Until now, no cable, no matter how expensive, could escape this effect. Ladder-type cables have a special construction to minimize incidental noise from such dielectric distortion. The moment you switch from conventional cables to ladder cables, you feel a sense of reality as if a haze has been cleared away. You are enveloped in a strange sensation and sound space where the noise is lowered and yet the reverberation is increased. Only ladder cables can eliminate incidental noise to the utmost limit. Conventional cables can never express this sense of transparency. This cable makes the amplifier bare. It is indispensable for reproducing raw sound.
Ladder cables are a perfect match for Degawa Power!

We carry all ladder cable products.
We also accept special orders for ladder cable terminals and lengths.